Antimicrobial Guidelines

- Sending samples, interpreting sensitivity results and implications for antibiotic dosing, see: Microbiology (NUH) , Clinical Microbiology (SFH) and Interpreting Sensitivity Results.

- 'Good Practice Recommendations for using Antibiotics Towards the End of Life' can be found here.

- 'How to set up a Delayed Antimicrobial Prescription on SystmOne' demonstration.

- Practice Learning Time Antimicrobial Event. Delivered as part of South Notts PLT, 9th May 2024, covering topics on appropriate antimicrobial use. Chapters:

00:00: Dr Conor Jamieson (NHSE East Midlands Regional Lead for AMR) - AMS National Antimicrobial Action Plan 2024-2029, National Direction & Data, setting the scene.

00:34:00: Dr Amelia Joseph, NUH Consultant microbiologist - Recurrent UTI, Methenamine, SGLT-2s.

01:11:00: Professor Paul Little, Southampton University – Respiratory Infections.

02:01:35: Dr Rodric Francis, NUH Microbiology and Infectious Disease Consultant – Quinolones.

02:23:00: Dr Nikunj Mahida, NUH Microbiology and Infection Disease Consultant – Sensitivities, Leg Ulcers & Ear Swabs and Topicals.

2:31:41: Wendy Walker, Interim Deputy Service Lead, Infection Prevention & Control, Notts ICB – Clostridioides difficile.


General information   

Upper Respiratory Tract   Lower Respiratory Tract   Eye Infections   Meningitis   Urinary Tract    Gastrointestinal Genital Tract    Skin and Soft Tissue   Splenectomised


1. Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

2. Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

3. Eye Infections

4. Meningitis

5. Urinary Tract Infections

6. Gastro-Intestinal Tract Infections

7. Genital Tract Infections

8. Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

9. Splenectomised Patients and Those With an Afunctional Spleen