Below are recordings of our APC podcast: Prescribing and Interface Learning Sessions (PILS). This is a podcast brought to you by Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB, created to deliver the latest APC updates in a quick and easy to listen format. We hope you will find it useful. Please give us your feedback by commenting below each podcast or emailing the Interface Team. 

1. PILS Episode 1 (January 2023):  Antimicrobials: UTIs, Anticoagulants in AF and about the APC

2. PILS Episode 2 (February 2023): Type 2 Diabetes Guideline Update

3. PILS Episode 3 (March 2023): Inclisiran, Antibiotics in Acne, Metformin, and the APC website

4. PILS Episode 4 (May 2023): Resources for Pain Management

5. PILS Episode 5 (May 2023): Amiodarone Medicines Safety Work



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